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Maintenance is an important part of taking care of your car. Think of windshield repair as maintenance for your windshield. It prolongs the life of your windshield. Repairing a chip in your windshield will not fix your windshield. It is intended on keeping the cracks within the chip from spreading and improving the appearance.

Mobile Auto Glass uses the most advanced resins that improve adhesion and clarity. We provide professional auto glass repair and windshield replacement services.

Mobile Auto GlassWe understand that windshield cracks and chips are able to impact your driving visibility. However, you should not risk your own safeness for the reason that we can easily fix chip to recover the structural condition of your windshield in a value that you obviously can afford. We make sure that if you get your chip mended, it would be:

• Convenient with glass professionals that may correct your windshield within an hour.

• Cost-Effective by which insurance companies can pay the fix fee.

• Safe in repairing the windshield as well as maintain intact of your original factory products.

• Environmental Friendly in changing the windshield using the previous one starting the landfill.

Windshield replacement really varies a lot in pricing and cost. It is due to different materials, tools, and labor being used. But with straightforward tips and basic reminders, for sure, we can cut down its expensive cost. As we are always announcing, your automobile or your car’s windshield glass is one of auto parts that easily breaks.

Countless things or situations could easily lead to breakage. A tiny fragment of stone, foreign object or anything that bumps into your glass with a hefty rate of speed will more probably do the damage at your windshield. When your glass is cracked and that crack is evidently unrepeatable anymore, then its time to have it replaced.

Most rock chips under the size of a 50 cent piece can be successfully repaired. The results vary depending on the condition of the break. Some of the factors that affect a repair:

  • Length of time since the break occurred – new breaks repair better.
  • A break that has been wet – moisture in the glass affects the repair.
  • If the break is right in your vision and bothers you, it may still bother you after the repair. A successful repair is designed to improve the look and keep the damage from spreading.
  • Repair is an economical alternative to replacement.

Our repairs are guaranteed forever. If, at anytime, you do not like the windshield repair, or your windshield continues to break, we will give you a full credit on the repair toward a new windshield.

With over 12 year’s experience, Mobile Auto Glass is the best auto glass shop in Long Beach! We are an honest and fair auto glass company that genuinely cares about our customers and their safety. We understand the questions and concerns our customers may encounter when it comes to making sure their vehicle’s windshield and auto glass is properly installed and meets all requirements.